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Product Photography Package

Product Photography Package

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Our comprehensive photo package comprises five meticulously crafted shots:

(1) Front View: Showcase your hat's main features and design from the front, capturing its essence in a clear and engaging manner.

(2) Back View: Highlight the unique elements and craftsmanship of your hat from the rear, providing customers with a complete understanding of its design and structure.

(3) 45-Degree Left Angle: Present your hat from a stylish and dynamic perspective, allowing customers to appreciate its shape and contours from a different angle.

(4) 45-Degree Right Angle: Complementing the left-angle shot, this perspective offers a comprehensive view of your hat's profile, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

(5) Embroidery Close-Up: Zoom in on intricate embroidery or any distinctive features, allowing customers to admire the fine craftsmanship and quality of your hat up close.
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