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Surf Trip Supply

"I’ve been able to achieve a new customer base around high quality corduroy hats that stand out from other brands."

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The Cresmond File

"We've sold thousands of hats worldwide which is a testament to the quality of production. Our partnership with Glory Days has empowered us to push the boundaries of hat manufacturing, exploring new designs and materials to continually innovate and stay ahead of the curve."

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Lunar Co.

"We love the constant new arrivals of Hats and styles that
the guys provide us with! It allows us to continuously evolve as a brand, and
we love having a play around with the design of the new colours, styles and
fits Glory Days provides. " 

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Sandy Socks

"A good reputation for quality caps. All my customers are happy as can be when they receive the hat because it is done to the highest standard!"

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