Testimonial: Lunar Co.

What made Glory Days stand out from other hat providers?

We love a good lid just as much as the next guy, and it was a focus point for us to diversify our Hat range heading into 2024. With Glory Days we have been able to tick this goal off above and beyond! The stand outs for us with Glory Days was their diverse product range with both full coloured Corduroy or Cotton Hats, the more than reasonable pricing for bulk design purchasing, and the seamless process from design/ ordering and the arrival of the product. The guys are super helpful and always keep you in the loop during the production process.

What has made you happiest about working with us? 

We love the constant new arrivals of Hats and styles that the guys provide us with! It allows us to continuously evolve as a brand, and we love having a play around with the design of the new colours, styles and fits Glory Days provides.

What have you been able to achieve since working with us? 

We have been able to diversify out Headwear range in an immensely short period. Our headwear acts as an awesome entry point for new consumers/ customers, and with our new headwear made in conjunction with Glory Days being one of our most popular products; we have been able to greatly increase our customer base since partnering up with Dave and the guys.