Do we make samples? 

Yes! We can make a sample before going ahead with bulk production.

Custom sampling incurs a greater cost per individual unit compared to full-scale production, as it encompasses expenses such as embroidery setup fees and digitization.

Preparing for the production of a single sample demands the same amount of time as gearing up for full-scale production, as we still follow the same production process (ordering fabrics, embroidery set up, embroidery approval, production etc). 

To order a sample, email us at and select from the following options:   

Custom Sample 

A custom made sample of the hat of your desire with your logo / artwork embroidered. 

Price: $75 plus shipping

Turnaround: 5 - 7 weeks. 

Studio Sample 

Only interested in testing the size and fit? This is the perfect and most efficient option for you. Email us letting us know desired material (cotton or corduroy) and hat style (flat brim 6 panel or curved brim 6 panel). We'll send out an embroidered sample from the studio for you to test out! 

Price: $15 plus shipping

Turnaround: 1 week - shipped out same day